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Affiliate Area

As a Taheebo-Tea Affiliate you can get rewarded for spreading the word about Pau d’Arco and Taheebo Tea. When someone places an order after clicking your personal affiliate link, you will get a commission for each 1lb purchased. Please read our Affiliate Disclaimer for full program details.

Please be mindful to not make any medical claims when sharing Pau d’Arco. Soft statements are recommended such as “supportive”, “helpful”, “feel better” etc… Please avoid statements such as “Taheebo Tea cured my cancer”. Even if you feel this is true, you can share what you did and what the results were without making that direct claim.
For example: “I drank 4 cups of Taheebo tea and ate a healthy diet. After 4 months my results came back clear and I no longer needed surgery.”

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