Price Adjustment Beginning October 15th

Our world and lives have changed on so many levels since March 2020. We have all weathered these changes as best we could, and although we’d love to return to business as usual, the reality is that we need to remain flexible and adjust to the ever-changing flow.

In terms of Taheebo Wellness Tea, since the start of the pandemic we experienced increases in the cost to harvest our tea as well as increases in import fees, transportation fees and co-packer fees. In order to continue to make this amazing tea available, we will be increasing our price to $28 per pouch. This change will take effect on October 15, 2021.

Please know that we don’t make this change lightly. We’ve spent many hours researching and spread-sheeting (not a word we realize, but hopefully conveys the idea) and have thought long and hard about this change. Adjusting our pricing allows us to continue to harvest our tea in small batches and package our tea in a certified USDA Organic facility, ensuring freshness, safety and quality for you and your families. It also allows us to continue to have the lowest environmental impact by using the best compostable pouches and labels, and to continue to have a positive impact on communities with our 10% Giving Pledge. These values are of such importance to us that we could not envision continuing this work without them.

Thanks so much for supporting our micro business,

Melissa + Julien

September 22, 2021