Our Story

My wife and I were introduced to Taheebo Tea / Pau d’Arco Tea shortly after I was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer that quickly spread to various parts of my body.

I promptly added three cups of Taheebo Tea to my daily regimen. This fascinating and powerful medicinal bark was an important component in my health regimen and strongly contributed to my recovery. Taheebo Tea remains a staple in both my wife and my preventative wellness regimens.

We began sourcing our Taheebo Tea from Herb-Care in Canada. This source came highly recommended by several doctors and wellness practitioners. After nearly a year of drinking this amazing tea, the good people at Herb-Care decided to retire. We searched extensively for other sources, but were unable to find the same quality tea.

We felt it was so important for this tea to be available to all those seeking its wellness properties that we decided to take on the responsibility and privilege of supplying high-quality Taheebo Tea. Having never been in the ‘tea business’, there was quite a learning curve, but we are happy to now offer the highest grade inner bark from the Brazilian Tabebuia impetiginosa/avellanedae tree.


Everything that comes with your tea is compostable or recyclable. Our tea pouches and labels are made from 100% compostable materials and can be safely composted like any other organic waste. Our shipping pouches, boxes and labels are made from 100% recycled content. Please consider first reusing or repurposing your packaging.

10% Giving Pledge

We believe in giving back and donate 10% of profits to organizations committed to fostering compassion, unity and well-being. See a list of organizations we currently support.

Here’s to your wellness!
Julien & Melissa