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NAD+ | The Molecule of Youth

Beta-lapachone, one of the main phytochemicals found in Taheebo tree bark, has been found to increase one of the most important coenzymes found in every cell of your body, called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), also known as the “Molecule of Youth”. NAD+ helps you to protect your mitochondria and genetic material and slow premature cellular aging.

As you age, your levels of NAD+ decline, and your mitochondria suffer increasingly more damage from oxidative stresses. Because NAD+ also acts as a signaling molecule, communication between your cells breaks down as its levels decrease. Beta-lapachone, one of the ingredients in Taheebo tree bark, is a potent catalyst for NAD+. The higher your levels of NAD+, the better. The more NAD+ in your cells, the more efficient your mitochondrial ATP or energy production is.

“By increasing NAD+ intercellularly, Taheebo/Pau d’Arco helps improve mitochondrial ATP production. This is beneficial for health in general, but it’s particularly important if you're fighting disease.”

“As we age, the levels of NAD+ go down by about 50%. So a really good solution, in fact most of the anti-aging researchers that I study are absolutely firmly convinced, NAD+ is the single most important molecule to upregulate. No question about it.”

“It rescued some people. I'm sure it's expensive as heck, but you wanna turn NAD+ levels around, and one of the most effective ways I found was through the use of this tea, Taheebo/Pau D'Arco, which is loaded with something called beta-lapachone.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola

“I discovered that a compound called “beta-lapachone” can massively increase levels of NAD+, and that this pricey chemical can actually be quite inexpensively obtained via a Taheebo/Pau d' Arco tree bark tea from the Peruvian jungles.”

Ben Greenfield


Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting & Taheebo Tea

The Keto diet and fasting have grown in popularity over the past few years. Nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting are tools that many are using to increase their mitochondrial health and boost their energy levels. However, you may be pleased to learn that ketosis and intermittent fasting are not the only ways to achieve those results.

What if there were other ways to get the same mitochondrial protective and regenerative effects as fasting without actually restricting your calories?

Or, something you can do in addition to intermittent fasting for even better results?

Beta-Lapachone in Taheebo Bark Helped Mice Live Longer Than Those on Calorie Restriction

In a study with aged mice, researchers added beta-lapachone from Taheebo bark into one group’s diet. There were no changes in activity level or total calories of either group.

The following effects were noted in the beta-lapachone group, compared to the control group:

  • Increased ratio of NAD+ to NADH in the muscle
  • Higher number of intact mitochondria, suggesting resistance to mitochondrial breakdown
  • Less damage to mitochondrial proteins that reduce the production of damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) inside the cell
  • decrease in body weight and body mass, compared to the level found in young adult mice
  • Lower age-related markers in blood, such as increased glucose, lipids and leptin
  • Increased body temperature, suggesting a higher energy expenditure and body metabolism
  • Higher capacity of associative memory
  • Greater motor performance and muscular strength, as seen by up-regulated genes associated with muscle development

The most notable finding from this study: beta-lapachone benefited the health of the mice even more than calorie restriction. The beta-lapachone group lived significantly longer than the calorie-restricted group, which lived longer than the control group!

In addition, the researchers noted that beta-lapachone protected the mitochondrial structure better than calorie restriction. Read the full study here.

We can go on and on about the many amazing benefits of NAD+ and will write more about it in the coming months. For now, here is a great article about NAD+ and its health benefits.

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Melissa & Julien