Taheebo Tea Cancer Testimonials

I have been a health image and wellness coach for over 20 years, and was so happy to have found this tea to share with my clients. I have had two with breast cancer who used the tea and are now in remission and are doing amazing. ~ Rosemary

I had read about this tea, but really wanted to get a product that was good quality, and so I ordered it and just started brewing/drinking it about a week ago. I have breast cancer which sometimes can be very painful where the tumor is. I remembered reading something about Taheebo tea easing pain from cancer and broke out the bag! Honest to God, the first three times I drank this tea beginning last week it was because I wanted to see if it would help with pain I was having at the time. I was completely floored to find that it stopped my pain within a minute or so, each time! I’m going to continue to drink the tea, that told me all I needed to know about its quality. I also really love the taste, I mix it with macadamia milk and some stevia. It has also replaced coffee for me, which I know I don’t need. Thanks for putting such a great product out there, and for sharing your own story. I’m hopeful that all the things I’m doing to heal plus this tea will keep me on a good path to wellness. ~ Vanessa


We (my husband and I) have been long term consumers of Pau d'Arco / Taheebo Tea, we take it now as a preventative against any ailments, colds etc however my husband battled back from stage four cancer and we credit this amazing tea as a main factor in his recovery. The tea offered here is the same tea that HerbCare in Canada used to offer, premium quality and the correct cut to brew the most potent tea if someone is using it to fight a serious condition. I highly recommend trying this tea.

P.S. My husband is alive and well today nineteen years later after being told he had six months to live!

 Michelle, Canada

We have used this tea to heal skin issues, to heal wounds, and to clean the blood internally nightly taken just before bed. The new providers offer the exact same quality as Herb-Care formerly did. It is some of the best available for purchase online, very potent and very effective. We are now using it to combat stage 1 cancer in an elderly family member, with so far extremely promising results. This is three large mugs per day one at daybreak, one around noon, one just before sleep. This is coupled with a very clean 90+% plant zero fat diet. I reorder constantly to keep enough in stock for all of us. Thank you!! ~ Alexa

This tea is great! I’ve been drinking it for a couple weeks now as a treatment for a benign tumor (about 4 cups per day). While I haven’t seen much change with the tumor yet, I can tell my health is improving and I am detoxing quite a bit. Looking forward to ordering another bag and seeing more progress! ~ Raiya

It's helped my mother to healing very fast from colon cancer & wearing an intestinal pouch and her energy increased so much; she started gaining weight & exercising. Glory to God! I'm going to keep drinking it this time for complete healing. It truly is I believe a Gift from God... ~ El Gene

Taheebo Tea Cancer Research

Study: Efficacy of tabebuia avellandae extract on a cell culture model for triple negative breast cancer.

"Present data demonstrated pronounced efficacy of Taheebo Extract as a naturally occurring nutritional substance in a cell culture model for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and validated Taheebo Extract as a promising non-toxic natural agent for secondary prevention/therapy of clinical TNBC"
Read the article here: American Association for Cancer Research

Dr Berg explains the benefits of Pau d'Arco

This video offers and excellent summary of the many more benefits of drinking Taheebo Tea / Pau d'Arco Tea