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Shipped fast and was as described. The tea tastes good. Would recommend this tea.

I was told by a friend about Taheebo Tea so I decided to give it a try. I LOVE the Tea and what it does on my wellness journey.I have now told over ten people with health issues and they have all had amazing results so far . Thank you for the Tea 🙌🏻

Life saving tea

I was hesitant but willing to try this tea. I have had bowel issues 40+ years. Last Sept. I thought I was dying and last 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I started drinking this tea and have found my digestive system the healthiest is has been in probably 50 years. But is also helped my nerve recurring pain from shingles, I have less headaches, my nail beds are now pink instead of white, I have more energy. I tell everyone I know about this tea and have caused many to order it. I can not praise ut enough and thank God for my friend who told me about it.

It works!

I had been dealing with knee pain for 7 months before trying Taheebo. I did all kinds of therapy and it never got better. 4 weeks after drinking Taheebo and my knee is considerably improved.

Healing Tea!

I am drinking Taheebo tea for all the wonderful healing benefits and really enjoy the flavor and ease of brewing!

Average expensive tea

I brewed it in a coffeemaker. I have not noticed anything. It does taste good. A lot of money for a tea that does nothing. Wish it was coarse ground. Mike w

Hi Mike,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Taheebo Wellness Tea. We apologize if you did not experience the desired results with our product. We recommend brewing Taheebo Tea in a pot under a rolling boil for 25 minutes, as a coffee maker will not be able to extract the same amount of benefits from the bark. We do offer a coarse ground version of our tea on the website, and we recommend using the same brewing method for optimal results. We appreciate your feedback and hope you give our tea another try using the recomended brewing method.

I’ve been drinking it hot in the morning.I mix it half and half with my black decaf coffee and a little Cinnamon.tastes good .I think it makes me feel good. And it may be helping my varicose veins shrink a little.

Love it!

I've been making Taheebo for a month now and love it! I know it has helped me sleep through the night. Since I'm still recovering from strep throat last month, I'm sure the Taheebo Tea will make recovery quicker!
Thank you and I'm ordering my 2nd bag of Taheebo Tea Today!

I drink a cup of Taheebo everyday. I put peppermint flavor in my tea instead of honey because it gives my tea a very nice taste. The tea helps me to enjoy a deep sleep and gives me more energy. I have been drinking the tea for 2 weeks almost. I make the tea according to your instructions for a normal cup. 1 tablespoon of tea to 1 quart and 2 cups of water.

Amazing tea

I have been a health image and wellness coach for over 20 years, and was so happy to have found this tea to share with my clients. I have had two with breast cancer who used the tea and are now in remission and are doing amazing. I have shared the website with so many people !! Over Christmas I was sick with the flu and remembered that I had the tea. After drinking I couldn’t believe how much energy I had after drinking 6 cups a day during my illness .. I also think it sped up the healing process as I was only down for a few days! I immediately ordered more and have been consuming a cup of day, and I believe it is helping me sleep better. This tea works for everything.!! It also tastes so good !! So pure, so healing ,so miraculous !! Thank you

Wonderful Tea

I brew a pot every day, put the tea in the fridge and drink it cold. It tastes very pleasant to me. I am drinking Taheebo Tea for the many health benefits. “It is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticancerous and has antileukemic properties and is employed to accelerate wound healing, relieve pain, support the immune system, circulation, digestion, and more.”

I Feel better now

I noticed after drinking taheboo tea, my body feels different especially my feet. They were very dry before and now rhey are better. Especially because of my fungus problem, my nails look better.

Great healing Tea.

I had a nodule on my lung that was growing. I was receiving regular CS. After drinking Melissa and Julian's Tea for a period of time. It stopped growing. It didn't go any further and after repeated scans the radiologist said it no longer required any scan at all. I am very grateful for Melissa and Julian and their Tea. I drink 5 cups a day.

Five Stars

Love your tea. Its earthy goodness is no doubt beneficial to me.

This Tea is one of God's Healing Trees in Revelations

I was experiencing joint pain, fighting diabetes, & inflammation; it's greatly reduced my pain, no more intestinal & chest pains. Plus my stress & mental functions & sleep are much improved. It's helped my mother to healing very fast from colon cancer & wearing an intestinal pouch and her energy increased so much; she started gaining weight & exercising. Glory to God! I'm going to keep drinking it this time for complete healing. It truly is I believe a Gift from God...

El Gene

Tea for health

Was recommended to drink this tea for general wellness. Initially felt nauseated right after drinking the tea, in two weeks started enjoying that; in general feel more energy, sleep better. However, in addition to the tea, I changed my lifestyle, diet, take probiotics and other natural supplements and adaptogens; so in complex with other things taheebo tea works great.

Good start

I bought this tea after a friend mentioned it’s potential to help fight cancer. My husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer at a young age and we’re everything we can. It’s only been a few weeks but since starting the tea his appetite has improved significantly and there is a bit more energy. Even if that is the only benefit that comes from it, it is well worth it!

I Love Love this tea !!! It’s really delicious that I don’t care for my daily cup of coffee!!!

It’s too complicated to make tea

Health reasons

Excellent tea

I added Pau d'Arco to my holistic treatment plan, as there are so many testimonials to its positive results. I hope to be one of those soon, so stay tuned...

After drinking Taheebo tea for a few months my knee pain is completely gone

Really pleased with Taheebo tea!

The taste is really good. I drink it for health problems. Have noticed it definitely gives me a ton if energy, better sleep, less aches. Will continue using it and see if it helps with other things. Thanks for a great product I can trust.