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I chose to drink this tea because I want to be healthier for myself & my family. I believe it's working & boosting my immune system. I'm gonna keep drinking it & order another bag because I really want to reap ALL of it's benefits. I thank you all for this blessing❣️

Great taste

Great taste and love the energy i get from it👍

Hope for Wellness

I hope it will help keep my lung mesothelioma at bay and help me to stay well. Like to drink it hot and is soothing. On my second batch.

on my second bag of tea, I drink a glass a day for prevention. I don’t know if it is due to the tea but I have had a couple of skin tags/growths dry up and disappear! Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it really “All that and a bag of chip!”?

Leave the chips out. Seriously, Absolutely one of the best things I’ve done for my health. The thing I noticed first is my mobility and flexibility.
The first week I did nothing differently except adding this tea. I did drink 5-7 cups every day but my body hurt all the time and some days I couldn’t hardly walk. I notice some pain relief and ability to move in a few days. With in those first weeks I healed in leaps and bounds. Now I’ve added other good habits like bettering my nutrition and stretching but I can do those extras because of the earlier change of Taheebo tea. I will continue to call it “a miracle bark”.

Taheebo tea

I was diagnosed with silicosis and I have severely damaged my lungs from concrete dust over the years from cutting concrete. Im a 48 year old man with 4 children and after the dr said there was nothing that could be done I heard about taheebo tea from a friend,I just started drinking it and time will tell if it helps but I do know that I already have more energy..

amazing results!!!

My daughters have been drinking a few cups of the tea per day and had such a decrease in the gut issues they have both been experiencing for years. Since both are young, busy college kids they brew a large batch and have it in jars ready to go! increased energy for workouts and running well in college have been just a few of the benefits of this amazing tea!! Thank you!

Excellent tea

Easy to brew up a few courts at a time taste great is good for you what's not to love about it

First bag of Taheebo! Ordering more!

Pau d'Arco tea was part of my natural healing protocol after a breast cancer diagnosis three years ago. There were many parts to the protocol and I eventually discontinued preparing and drinking the tea. After a recurrence, however, when tumors returned, I went back to the drawing board, researched Pau d'Arco's benefits, was inspired by testimonies, and ordered my first bag of Taheebo Wellness Tea. After one month, I am witnessing positive physical results!
I'm grateful for the personal attention Julien and Melissa have given in telling their story, providing information, and making this quality tea available.

Taheebo Wellness Tea 1lb Pouch - Pure Pau d'Arco Inner Bark

Taheebo time!

I was bit by a tick several years ago and have had multiple joint issues and Digest of issues and right
away upon drinking it seemed to start to calm down my digestive track we'll see what happens in the future i am just starting to drink it but it seems to work and I like the taste.

For my family

My husband found this on line doing research. He had esophagus cancer and like you underwent a terrible surgery (esophagectomy), so every morning he was drinking black tea then switched to green tea (always with honey as his sweetener), and now he drinks a cup of taheebo every morning with honey. He's been drinking this now for over a year. I've decided my whole family (me and my 2 son's in their 20s) need to drink this for all the reasons you talk about. I'm in my 50s and I drink coffee everyday in the morning. I'm now going to include drinking 1 to 2 glasses of taheebo each day because honestly I don't ever want to get cancer. So that's our story. I want a healthy family!!!

Overwhelming sense of wellness

My wife (50yrs old) and I (57yrs old) drink a cup in the morning and evening. In one month we feel as if a weight has been removed from our bodies. We sleep better and have a clearer mind. Taheebo tea seems to be cleansing our bodies and we feel better than we have in years. We will be Taheebo tea drinkers for life. Thank you for bringing this product to market it is marvelous!

Glad I found this!!

This tea has helped me wake up with less aches and pains. I drink two cups a day morning and night with a splash of lemon juice(this definitely makes it taste that much better and glad I tried the recommendation) I skipped one day of not drinking it and woke up the next day like I had a hangover… I’m almost done my first bag and have a physical coming up in a few weeks and can’t wait to see how all my blood work comes back. So glad I found this amazing wellness tea.

Enjoying tea

My husband and I have been drinking the tea now going on two weeks. We are hoping to bring his sugar down and over better health.

Excellent quality, great customer service

I’ve been drinking Taheebo Wellness Tea in support of healing gut dysbiosis and digestive issues. My daily consumption of the tea is providing benefit and positive progress on the path to abundant health. Thank you!

really works

great healing from the tea with diabetes

Great results.

It was recommended by a close friend that had been using it to attack her mom’s bladder cancer.

It is with hope I start

I am drinking the tea to help with Hbp, ckf and prostate cancer. If this tea can do even a little to help I would be happy. After three week on the tea my kidney function has improved. My three month recall will be more indicative of improvement
The tea is simple to brew and easily filtered with the filter suggested on the website. The only negative is brewing tea in 100° weather. My wellness doc is always urging more water consumption. The tea adds 32 more ounces daily

This tea is my replacement for sweet tea. If nothing else it helped me kick that habit. Well worth it for that alone, but I am sure it will help with other things, too.
Just started the NAD+ recipe with sunflower lecithin this weekend. Will see what benefits that brings.
Thanks for providing this product and the recipes.

I like it; it reminds me of coffee. I drink a cup in the am and one at supper. I hope it helps with the ache in my legs. I am 72 years old and take no meds. I do use eye drops. My wife and I eat healthy. We do our best to stay away from processed foods. We will let you know as time goes on what benefits come from drinking Taheebo.
P.S. I find that I don’t need to strain the brewed tea. I just let it settle to the bottom of the pan and then gently pour the tea into another container.

Customer review

We ordered the tea bark after hearing an ad on the radio. My mom has about 2 liters and she believes the bark helped to expel mucus. I will write another review once I try it for myself.

Customer review

I had what I believe to be perioral dermatitis on my face, which is extremely hard to get rid of. I also had signs of some sort of candida/parasite overgrowth. With the help of this tea, my face completely cleared up and my gut issues have improved. I have only been drinking it for a few weeks. I am looking forward to how this tea will continue to improve my health going forward. Thank you guys!!

Customer review

Ordered to help stabilize my blood sugar..seems to be working..will order again.
Las Vegas, Nevada