Taheebo Wellness Tea / Pau d'Arco Reviews

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Tea for health

Was recommended to drink this tea for general wellness. Initially felt nauseated right after drinking the tea, in two weeks started enjoying that; in general feel more energy, sleep better. However, in addition to the tea, I changed my lifestyle, diet, take probiotics and other natural supplements and adaptogens; so in complex with other things taheebo tea works great.

Good start

I bought this tea after a friend mentioned it’s potential to help fight cancer. My husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer at a young age and we’re everything we can. It’s only been a few weeks but since starting the tea his appetite has improved significantly and there is a bit more energy. Even if that is the only benefit that comes from it, it is well worth it!

I Love Love this tea !!! It’s really delicious that I don’t care for my daily cup of coffee!!!

It’s too complicated to make tea

Health reasons

Excellent tea

I added Pau d'Arco to my holistic treatment plan, as there are so many testimonials to its positive results. I hope to be one of those soon, so stay tuned...

After drinking Taheebo tea for a few months my knee pain is completely gone

Really pleased with Taheebo tea!

The taste is really good. I drink it for health problems. Have noticed it definitely gives me a ton if energy, better sleep, less aches. Will continue using it and see if it helps with other things. Thanks for a great product I can trust.

God sent 🙏

I am beyond grateful for discovering this amazing organic tea company! Not only has it helped my 9 year old son recover from his asthma without the use of steroid medication, but it has also given him the energy and restful sleep It has been longing for. I can honestly say that this tea has been a game-changer in my son’s and families life, and I am truly blessed to have found it. The quality of the tea is exceptional, and I appreciate the company's commitment to using only organic ingredients. I highly recommend this tea to anyone looking for a natural way to improve their health and well-being. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for creating such a wonderful product. THANK YOU! The Cardenas Family!

Purchased for my mom by request

This tea was recommended to my mom by a family friend. She drinks this regularly
for her health and says it has truly helped.

Wonderful tea powerful healing properties!!

I was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer in 2019 and had surgery to remove it.I was told by my urologist it was like pulling weeds and it was impossible to see the fine particles that are left so I would have immunotherapy. Thats where the tea was introduced to me .I have been drinking two cups of tea a day and have been cancer free to this day 2023 Thank you for so much for such a wonderful product !! TOMMY in AZ

worth it! High Quality Tea!

Heard a lot of good benefits about this tea, so I had to try it. I am surprised that shipping was very fast! taste is high quality. has great amount in a bag, it also came with another bag to share or gift with someone, so I gave some to my in-laws to try and they’re loving it so far! so worth it! thank you!

exactly what I needed

I love how this makes me feel. I get a sense of wellness and do feel the benefits. I'll continue taking it to see if it helps lower my cholesterol

Love this tea!

I am drinking Taheebo tea after hearing all the great benefits it offers. For me personally , I am drinking it to get rid of some issues I've had with my throat for the past 4 years. I am on my third batch and it seems to be working. I have also noticed a huge improvement in my workouts and running....much quicker than before. Also, more energy throughout the day and less aches and pains! I warm up 2 cups in the morning with ginger root, turmeric, cinnamon, squeeze of lemon, and a touch of honey. Then I have a cup in the afternoon. The tea has a very pleasant taste. Thanks also to Melissa and Julien for the suggestion of a strainer. I got the one you suggested and it works perfectly. Thanks for such a wonderful natural remedy and for your wonderful customer service and concern!

I'm on my 4th bag and loving it....

This has replaced my daily coffee intake and replaced it with a much healthier drink, I drink it for my health my wife just loves the taste.

I tried the cut and sifted version. This grind from Taheebo Wellness is much better. I purchased (2) 1-pound bags right off the bat. I've been drinking 3-6 (10oz) cups a day for a month. I was diagnosed with weak kidney and liver function. So I'm trying this out. In a month I have to go for another blood test. Figure I need to give this time to test it out and see how it works. I'm going to order two more bags. I brew up 3-6 quarts at a time. I like the earthy flavor. I feel good. So we'll see how the blood test goes.

A daily staple

Easy to brew and make in advance. Has helped with many ailments. Just feel healthier drinking this tea.

Seems to work well, tastes not good

To purify my system

Easy to Prepare and Use

My husband and I brew it up as directed (triple batch, though), store it in a ceramic dispenser in our fridge, then dispense it into our regular beverages in a diluted form, i.e., bottled spring water, powdered drink mix beverage, etc. We notice increased energy throughout the day, so far.

Taheebo wellness tea

I feel that taheebo wellness tea is my protection inside my digestive overall health !!!! Been drinking it for couple years and haven't even gotten a bad cold love the pure taste I referred to friend at work and also just ordered some [****]

Hopeful and Thankful

I purchased this tea for my aunt and she has been drinking it for one week and so far she has seen a difference in her digestion. I'm thankful and hopeful that it will help w her diabetes

Taheebo Wellness Tea 1lb Pouch - Pure Pau d'Arco Inner Bark

Love the Tea

It was easy to brew the tea and then we keep if in the free for a few days and enjoy it. It has a very good taste and hope it is doing wonders for our body.

I am enjoying my Taheebo tea, I make a weeks worth at one time to keep in the refridgerator and mix some with the pot of other herbal teas I have made for each day's consumption. I like it without anything added, as well as mixing it with one or two of the other teas. I sometimes add honey if using an acidic or earthy flavored herbal tea like lemon and ginseng or the more strongly flavored cleansing teas