Autumn is the season of the harvest, gathering nature’s plenty and preparing for the winter season of rest. On fall’s first day —The Autumn Equinox (this Saturday, Sept 23)— night’s darkness equals the day and grows longer and longer until the longest night of the year on the Winter Solstice.

Autumn begins the dark, yin cycle of shorter and shorter daylight hours; it’s the time of the year that we turn inwards. But before that, the seasonal change gives us energy to cleanse and clear out before we hibernate for the winter.

Fall is the perfect time for fasting, to cleanse toxins and lighten the body for the richer, more heat-producing diet of the winter months (coming up we will give some tips for fall fasting).

It is also a time to clear away or complete unfinished projects. This is a more outwardly active time in which we can make space for the more sedentary activities of winter —contemplation, writing, reading, and nurturing family and connections.

Autumn Correspondences - Taheebo Wellness Tea

Each season ushers in specific energies and focus. Above is a list of some correspondences for the Autumn season. We will expand on many of these in the weeks to come and how we can make the most of the energy to support our Wellness. 

Stay tuned for more!

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Melissa Navarro