In the Chinese Five Element System, the Autumn season is governed by the energy of the Metal Element, represented by the mineral ores and salts of the earth which create structures for communication.

Most forms of communication rely on the Metal Element. For example, networks of metal wires conduct electricity through our grids, just as information is delivered through our brain and nervous system.

Metal energy is expressed through the inner workings and activities of the brain. Our brains and nervous system are really just like electric wiring and the networks of communication grids humans have established physically on earth.

Similar to these communication networks, our brain —directed by our Mind or Consciousness— is our body’s broadcasting and receiving station. What is happening in our brain and mind affects how we feel emotionally and physically, and also affects what energy and messages we send out, and what we manifest in the physical world.

J. Krishnamurti quote - the mind is still

Meditation + Wellness

Much can be said on the topic of Meditation. Our focus here will be the dual character of meditation to affect how we “think” and also how we “see”.

Meditation affects how our brain processes information —how we “think”— and is a way we can rewire our brains and develop abilities such as improved response to stressful situations. This rewiring occurs through neuroplasticity, the brain's remarkable capacity to create new neural pathways and adapt to new experiences. By consistently carving out time for meditation, we strengthen the neural networks associated with relaxation and resilience, leading to a more grounded and centered state of being.

Meditation is also a way of perceiving —how we “see”. In a sense it helps us go to a place that is separate from the brain, from which we may observe or follow the workings of the brain. This mode is receptive, sensing, timeless and perceives and understands our external and internal environment without judgment.

Meditation has the effect of drawing energy from the thinking mode into the receptive and perceptive mode. This may feel threatening to our goal-oriented, control-seeking conditioning, however, expanding our awareness through meditation allows intuition, a higher knowledge, and a sacred energy to come to us which could not be contacted through the active mode of thinking. It is common to receive solutions and inspiration during meditation, as well as feeling a deep sense of rest and rejuvenation as one contacts and draws healing energy into their field.

Life can only be encountered in the present moment - Tich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Breathing Meditation

New to Meditation? Feel overwhelmed or intimidated to get started?

It is as easy as breathing. Simply focus on the breath.




Sit, relax, and close your eyes.
Focus your attention on your breath.
Begin to consciously breathe in and out.

When you breathe in, declare silently to yourself “I know that I am breathing in.”
When you breathe out, declare silently “I know that I am breathing out.”

Continue repeating this cycle of conscious in-breaths and out-breaths for five minutes.
When you breathe in and out and become aware of the in-breath and out-breath, your thinking begins to slow and you become present in your body.



When you breathe consciously, you become present in the now, aware of now, aware of what is, ready to encounter life. Life is in the Present Moment.

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