Much of nature is hiding in her roots during the winter, gathering energy to be reborn in the spring. 

This gathering of energy is important to us as well. Winter’s power is deep and yin. It is a time to conserve energy and resources, and to not be wasteful with your active/outward yang energy.

To remain in balance and health during this time, we need to keep warm, remain quiet, and sleep well.

We will also be supported by spending time at home to recharge. Give yourself permission to have total rest whenever possible because that is not just okay, it is encouraged and aligned with the flow of energy taking place right now.

This can be as short as 15 minute naps, or half days or weekends of rest. Cozy up on the couch with a warm ☕ of Taheebo and a book, or your favorite movie or show.

(Btw, if you haven't watched the show Ted Lasso, we highly recommend it! It's a witty and feel-good kind of show. You may find yourself binge watching all three seasons 😮).

𓇢𓆸 Our Wellness with the Seasons series highlights information and practices to boost your health such as the Element of each season according to Chinese Medicine, the season’s organs and acupuncture meridians, nutrition and exercise.

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The bark of the Taheebo / Pau d’Arco tree has a been used for centuries as a Wellness tea.  Modern research has documented up to 38 phytonutrients within Taheebo tree bark including the highly potent phytochemicals lapachol, naphthoquinone and quercetin.

These powerful antioxidants have demonstrated strong anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects, making each cup of Taheebo Wellness Tea a powerful immune boosting brew.

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